Havoline Products

Protect what matters with Havoline


You have places to go. Things to do. And for over 100 years, Havoline engine protection technology has helped you get there. In sickness and in health. Good times and bad. Scorching heat and bone-chilling cold. Your life doesn’t stop when the going gets tough -- and neither does Havoline. Whether it’s Havoline motor and gear oils, transmission and power steering fluids, or coolants and anti-freezes, we’ll help protect your family like you’re a member of ours.

Motor Oils

For more than a century, Havoline motor oils have brought forward the latest innovation and technology to protect engines against harmful deposits. Our newest innovation – Havoline with Deposit Shield Technology – is in all Havoline motor oils, and is designed to help protect engine performance and your investment in your vehicle.

Why Full Synthetic?

Synthetic oils typically cost more than conventional, mineral-based oils and many people want to know if they really need it. The simple answer is that synthetic oils protect better than conventional oils, especially at temperature extremes. If your vehicle requires synthetic oil, make sure you use synthetic oil. If you want the best protection for your engine, even if your vehicle doesn’t require it, use synthetic oil. You want to protect what matters to you and synthetic oil protects better.


We continue to invest heavily in research and development, assuring our customers that our products are among the most advanced products available today – and tomorrow. Our warranty means you can put your trust in Havoline.